FlossCross - free online cross stitch pattern maker.

Creating your own cross stitch chart is very easy with FlossCross. It is possible to import pattern from photo or design it from empty canvas.

Flower Cross Stitch Chart

Free No Registration

FlossCross can be used without any registration for free.
Check it.

True Colors

We prepared images of 498 DMC embroidery floss with equable lighting. Crosses textures were rendered by that images.

Ultra Fast Rendering

FlossCross supports video acceleration with WebGL, that's why chart rendering is very fast. Modern web browsers required.

Only your copyrights

Any patterns you create with FlossCross will be yours alone. If you want to sell the created patterns, you can do it without asking anyone.

Pattern from photo

It's easy to make cross stitch chart from photo, picture or art image. FlossCross can show sourse image above chart.

Simple and functional

Chart editor is simple and intuitive to use. You can make complex beautiful chart by common tools.

Autosave of pattern

All actions in FlossCross are saved automatically. You can close your browser and after reopening your pattern will be restored.

Import-Export to OXS

It is possible to import/export to OXS-file (Open X-Stitch). This format is supported by MacStitch/WinStitch version 2021.

Private patterns store

All patterns are stored only in your browser locally and are not transferred anywhere else. Nobody sees your designs except you.



The editor allows using backstitch in two modes: Line and Pen
Half-cross and Petite

Half-cross and Petite

You can create own charts with half-cross and petite
PDF Export

PDF Export

Pattern chart can be exported to pdf file with custom settings